Answer Me

adult alone black and white dark

I am being dragged across the floor.

I want this feeling to stop.

I have no control.

I have some control.

I grab hold of a chair,

To stop me from moving.

I have hope.

Am I closer to the answer?

I lose my grip.

I’m moving again

Time is pushing me

Further and further away.

Please someone.

Give me an answer.

Time will tell.

That’s what everyone says.

I am impatient.

The pull is getting stronger.

Where am I going?

I halt.

There are two paths.

To take or not to take the path less travelled by

I take the path I do not know.

Perhaps I will find that to know,

I must go through the unknown.

Time will tell.

Author: Tommy-Girl

Insta: thomasin_2

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