Breathe, Balance, See

Do you ever take a second to stop?

Stop the protruding thoughts.

Stop the worry about what happens next.

Stop critically analysing every small detail of your life.

Just stop.

Stop to breathe.

Stop to balance.

Stop to see.


See what’s in front of you.

Not in front of you tomorrow

But in front of you now.

In this moment.

What do you hear?

The chirps of baby birds outside your window.

What do you smell?

The wood fire scent of the late winter afternoon.

What do you taste?

The crunch of an apple and the juice passing down your throat.

What do you feel?

The soft white linen sheets and the feathers underneath.

What do you see?

Yourself in the mirror.

A vision of someone that you will someday admire.

You may not be there yet, but you will be soon.

For love and contentment takes work and time.

Just take the time to stop and breathe

And you just might find that you have everything you need.


Author: Tommy-Girl

Insta: thomasin_2

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