On the Rocks

The soft breeze sweeps over his delicate skin as he bends to grasp her crossed legs. She feels his body slowly sink into hers, nestling, as if she is his home. A sudden move, he lifts up his head and smiles at the girl. A connection so profound. Why were they here with each other? Was it by some great design? The boy curls up like a baby on the staggered rock facing the rippling water as the girl continues to sit away and write. She stops writing and stares at the boy. His big toe tickling his foot for pleasure, his breath slow but thoughtful, his senses heightened. He feels ants crawl up his skin but chooses to ignore them and let them be. He often wishes he was treated like this too. He listens to the water and the quiet roar of the wind. He smells the salt and the fresh air, hoping that he can stay here forever. But he can’t. Obligation always wins. The boy, so young but withholding so many troubles. The girl, even younger and too naive to care about these same problems for she knows that life is too short and pleasure is hard to find. The two kids soak up what is in front of them and in this transient moment, disconnect from what is known. IMG_1982.JPG

Author: Tommy-Girl

Insta: thomasin_2

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